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about your health and well-being. That’s why we want you to be informed and aware about Thyroid Cancer, the fastest rising concern among cancers based on incidence today. There is terrific news about Thyroid Cancer: dental health professionals are joining the fight. Neck checks, which can be performed by trained dental care professionals, are a vital key to early detection.

Regular Visits Promote Early Detection

During a dental visit, we are able to talk with our patients about their health history and examine the oral cavity for any signs of concerns. A visual inspection of the mouth and palpitation of the jaw and neck are part of a standard dental screening. That means that regular visits to your dentist help guard against non-detected Thyroid Cancer.                      

Thyroid Cancer is:

  1.  The fastest rise in incidence of any cancer in recent years.
  2.  Affects people of all ages, from little ones to seniors.
  3.  Affects both women and men.
  4.  Sufferers number two-thirds women to one-third men.
  5.  Has many types and variants. Treatment is varied depending upon the type and the individual.
  6.  Usually treatable when found early.
  7.  Is life-disrupting, expensive, and stressful for patients and loved ones even when treatable.
  8.  Nodules can be detected with a simple Neck Check done by a trained medical or dental professional during a routine appointment.
  9.  Nodules are most often benign, not cancerous.
  10.  Is aggressive and difficult to treat in certain forms.


Free information is available from the nonprofit ThyCa: Thyroid Cancer Survivors’ Assoc.

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