Here at Midway Family and Cosmetic Dentistry we are so excited to announce we are now performing Botox and dermal fillers!

Are you trying to decide between Botox and dermal fillers? Don’t know which will be best for those pesky forehead wrinkles or smile lines? Here we have a few tips to help you decide which might be right for you.

Botox is a neuromuscular toxin and comes in other variations; Botox is just the most commonly known brand. Botox is known to treat active facial lines, which are wrinkles that have just formed. Examples of wrinkles that Botox works best on are the horizontal lines that are prominent with frowning and other facial expressions. Botox is effective for about 3 to 4 months.

This blog helps our patients understand the main differences between Botox treatment vs Fillers, also know as dermal fillers.

Fillers are used to treat firmly established wrinkles. If you have wrinkles that are visible when your face is relaxed and at rest, those are called static wrinkles. As you get older, the dermal layer of your skin gets thinner. Dermal fillers can add volume to your dermal layer. There are different types of dermal fillers:
• Hyaluronic acid filler
• Collagen fillers
• Fat fillers
The duration and effectiveness of fillers depends on which kind you decide is best for you and your body.

There are so many different factors to consider when deciding between Botox, fillers, or both. Midway Family and Cosmetic Dentistry can answer all of your questions and perform the quick process right here in the office!

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