Dental hygiene is always important. However, with October being labeled Dental Hygiene Month, oral health steps front and center. Midway Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, which serves the Alpharetta, Georgia and surrounding areas invites our patients, prospective customers and concerned parties to read this brief blog regarding the importance of maintaining optimal oral care and the potential dangers of not adhering to such practices.

Maintaining Good Oral Hygiene

Actually achieving and maintaining solid dental health involves more than simply brushing one’s teeth once or twice per day. While brushing helps, dental care professionals recommend following most, if not all, of the following tips:

Use Toothpaste Containing Fluoride

The chemical known as fluoride is thought to strengthen the roots and enamel of teeth.

Clean Teeth With Floss

Individuals are encouraged to floss following meals and after brushing. Floss enables persons to loosen and remove food that becomes stuck between teeth that the bristles of a toothbrush might lack the capacity to extricate.

Avoid Or Limit Consumption Of Sugar-Laden Foods

Sugar is well-known as a potentially detrimental substance to teeth. When consumed in excess, the product can chip away at tooth enamel, which leaves tooth components like the pulp and roots exposed.

Eliminate Usage Of Tobacco Products

There are few vices potentially more detrimental to one’s oral health than cigarette smoking or the usage of other tobacco products such as chewing tobacco or snuff. Not only can these substances stain and harm the teeth and gums but could significantly increase a user’s risk of developing serious, possibly life-threatening illnesses like oral cancer.

Limit Intake Of Alcoholic Beverages

Alcohol contains a high sugar content. Sugar is notorious for damaging teeth. Furthermore, consumption of alcoholic beverages could precipitate the development of dehydration. When dehydration ensues, the mouth’s saliva content can be significantly reduced. A dry mouth can be a breeding ground for potentially harmful tooth-damaging pathogens like bacteria to develop.

Be Mindful Of Medications

Certain medications might elicit dry mouth. In such circumstances, impacted individuals are encouraged to increase their water intake and chew sugarless gum.

Visit Dentist Frequently

Oral care professionals recommend that individuals see their dentists for regular checkups at least once or twice a year. During these visits, dental care providers can not only perform examinations to detect potential problems but execute cleanings that help keep teeth fresh and healthy.

Potential Health Problems Poor Oral Hygiene Can Cause

Poor dental hygiene has been linked to numerous health problems. The American Dental Association (ADA) opines that because the teeth and mouth provide entrance into the body, a lack of care in this region could precipitate the development of numerous diseases including:

Nutritional Deficiencies

Continual lack of oral hygiene could lead to serious dental issues like tooth decay or tooth loss. These problems might make food consumption difficult. Individuals who cannot properly chew or digest their foods could be susceptible to nutritional deficiencies that could exert a significantly adverse impact upon numerous bodily systems.

Systemic Infections

A chronic lack of dental care could precipitate the accumulation of increased bacteria levels. Said organisms could result in not only dental infections that could cause tooth damage or loss but could spread to other bodily regions causing serious, potentially life-threatening complications.

Cardiovascular Diseases

Bacteria emanating from the mouth can result in damage to blood vessels throughout the body. Said occurrences could eventually lead to blood clots or vessel constriction that increase one’s chances of developing potentially life-threatening health maladies like heart attacks and strokes.

Pregnancy Complications

Medical research has concluded that expecting women with dental diseases are at increased risk of events such as premature births, as well as newborns with dangerously low birth weights.

Symptoms Of Potential Dental Problems

There are many dental ailments individuals can encounter. Therefore, there are numerous manifestations individuals might experience that could indicate a problem’s presence. Specific symptoms include but are not necessarily limited to tooth or gum pain, sensitivity to hot or cold foods or beverages, bad breath, bleeding when brushing or after eating, loose teeth, spaces between teeth, red or swollen gums, frequent dry mouth or difficulty consuming food. Sometimes, the preceding symptoms could be accompanied by an elevated body temperature.

Potential Treatment Options

The specific therapeutic protocol one’s dentist employs will depend upon several factors such as the symptoms being experienced, the exact underlying cause, as well as said condition’s severity. That said, individual treatment options might include:


If an individual is diagnosed with a dental infection, said patient’s dentist will likely prescribe antibiotics. These drugs are designed to kill bacteria, which will eliminate the existing infection and prevent said invader from traveling to other bodily regions.

Dental Procedures

When a specific condition becomes severe enough or is producing significantly untoward symptoms, procedures like root canals, the installation of fillings, crowns or dental implants or gum surgery might be necessitated to fix or prevent any further damage or correct any underlying conditions.

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