Today, childhood tooth decay is totally preventable. Yet many children continue to go untreated, developing painful and damaging issues that sometimes plague them the rest of their lives. In fact, did you know that the CDC estimates that the number of children with untreated tooth decay is 1 in 5? That’s a pretty high number, and one of the reasons why National Children’s Dental Health Month is so important.

Tips for Children’s Dental Health Month

As a parent, there is much you can do to help prevent early tooth decay among your children. You probably already know the basics, but they can’t be stressed enough. From early introduction to dental visits (before age 1), to instilling twice daily brushing and flossing habits, hopefully, you and your children are already on track.

Avoiding Sugar

Happily, more and more parents are now addressing the number one culprit for tooth decay with their children: sugar. Naturally, this can be a little tricky. Sugar is everywhere in our modern culture of convenience. It also tends to be the feature of many celebrations and children’s activities, such as birthday parties. And then there are the sneaky sugars found in everyday healthy foods. natl children's dental health monthJuice is a prime example. Fortunately, there are now many low sugar and sugar free options available to make a healthy diet of moderation much easier to achieve.

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