As we all know, our smile is one of our most important assets. Is there something you can’t stand about your teeth, but it’s not quite enough to get full on veneers?  Contact Midway Family & Cosmetic Dentistry to see if cosmetic dental contouring is right for you.

Sometimes the smallest changes make the biggest difference!

Imperfections or problems in your teeth like slightly overlapping or irregularly shaped teeth and tiny chips in the teeth can often be fixed with a little tooth reshaping and dental contouring.

What is tooth reshaping?

Tooth reshaping, also called dental contouring, is a cosmetic dentistry technique that removes small amounts of tooth enamel in order to change the shape, length, or surface of one or more teeth. The process is often combined with bonding, a cosmetic dentistry treatment that uses tooth-colored composite material to sculpt and shape the teeth.

How does tooth reshaping and dental contouring work?

Tooth reshaping is performed using dental instruments and abrasion techniques. Dental X-rays may be taken before the reshaping and contouring begin to ensure that your teeth are healthy enough for the procedure. A sanding instrument is used to artfully eliminate or minimize imperfections on the surface of the teeth, and sandpaper-like strips may be used to contour the sides of the teeth. Then, the teeth are smoothed and polished.

Is tooth reshaping and/or dental contouring right for you?

Tooth reshaping and dental contouring are best for people who just need small adjustments or repairs to improve the look and feel of their teeth. Dental reshaping and contouring are not appropriate for people with decaying teeth, root canals, or unhealthy gums.

If you’re considering dental contouring in the Alpharetta area, call Midway Family & Cosmetic Dentistry to set up an appointment at 678-393-1868.

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