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DIY Dentistry Banner

Modern technology makes things easier, and enables us to do many things ourselves that in the past required the services of a professional. According to some people, one of these things is dental work, from filling cavities to straightening crooked teeth. DIY dentistry kits exist and are available for anyone to buy, but dentists at Midway Family and Cosmetic Dentistry warn that DIY dentistry is dangerous and harm your teeth and your health

DIY (at-home) dentistry has been around for several years. One of the most common products is temporary filling material. Denture wearers have also long been able to purchase materials to fix broken dentures for many years. But now, prepackaged kits are available for more complex procedures. Many of them are cosmetic in nature. Teeth whitening products are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to at-home dentistry. Manufacturers of DIY dental products claim that you can cap your teeth or even fit yourself with braces in the comfort of your own home.

While many products are labeled as temporary fixes and strongly advise that users see a dental professional as soon as possible, the reality is that many people use DIY dentistry as a way to avoid seeing a dentist altogether. One alarming trend is not even purchasing a kit, but rather using something you can find around your house, such as rubber bands to try to close gaps between teeth. This particular DIY trick can result in the rubber bands damaging the tooth enamel and even extracting the teeth.

The reasons for the popularity of DIY dental work include money, fear and embarrassment. The cost of seeing a dentist concerns many people, but even if someone is insured or cost is not a factor, some people have a serious fear of the dentist. In addition, many people are simply embarrassed about their bad teeth. It is very common for people to blame themselves for having oral health problems and worry that they will be lectured or criticized if they show up at a dentist’s office with bad teeth.

Alpharetta dentists, Dr. Reinhart and Dr. Moore, understand dental anxiety and are prepared to help. They warn against using DIY products because experience shows that many people wind up doing more harm than good when trying to fix their teeth at home. When someone without dental training attempts to use a DIY kit, they risk overlooking basic problems—like gum disease—because they want to fix a cosmetic problem. The result of DIY dental work can be gum disease, lost teeth or damage to the mouth that might result in more extensive professional dental work than the original problem.

Even if you have used a DIY dental product, and it appears to have worked, we recommend seeing a dentist as soon as possible to prevent problems that might recur or that you are not aware of. A simple dental exam can determine if you have gum disease or other issues that could interfere with your oral health and your smile.

If you have dental issues, and would like to visit our office in the Alpharetta and Cumming area, call Midway Family and Cosmetic Dentistry now at 678-393-1868. If you have dental anxiety, we can help. We understand how prospective dental patients feel and want to ensure patients in Forsyth county and surrounding areas that we are here to help.

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